Giving Back

Guests contribute directly to our conservation and community upliftment vision.

You help us by simply visiting the lodge and we also offer active participation in our conservation and community upliftment projects. For those who want to delve a little deeper into how a private reserve operates, we offer personalised tours of our ethical breeding projects and our game drives are informative as well as exciting.

The Team At Lejwe La Metsi Are Committed To

Environmental Sustainability

In a rapidly developing world where natural ecosystems are increasingly at threat of destruction, we are devoted to maintaining 2500 hectares of untouched and uninterrupted wilderness, where flora and fauna can naturally thrive. We are constantly looking for ways to become more and more sustainable and environmentally-conscious, from strategically channeling rainwater to naturally fill up our dams, to implementing a sustainable beekeeping project.rict in the Limpopo Province. It is easily accessible with a regular sedan car in under 2 hours from Johannesburg and Pretoria via the N1. Spanning across 2500 hectares, it is a malaria-free private reserve dedicated to rewilding and the conservation of unique plains game species. Tucked away in a lush valley, the lodge is warm and inviting – the perfect getaway for uninterrupted quality time with your loved ones.

Unique Species

Lejwe La Metsi is on a journey to rewild the private reserve to the pristine wilderness area it once was. The reserve is spearheading a breeding program of rare species in the hopes of rebuilding dwindling populations across Southern Africa.


Along with zebra, giraffe, impala and a myriad of bird species, the unique species which can be found on the farm include Zambezi Sable, East African Buffalo, Golden Wildebeest and Black Impala. Due to increased human contact, habitat loss, poaching and disease, species like those found at Lejwe La Metsi have become critically endangered. A safari with us not only offers the opportunity to view these rare and endangered animals, but also participate in their conservation and ethical breeding to ensure they thrive in Africa for generations to come.

Our People

Many of the team members at Lejwe La Metsi have been with us for almost two decades now. At Lejwe La Metsi we pride ourselves in re-investing in our staff and the local community. Instead of outsourcing new skills and talent, Lejwe La Metsi is persistent in making the additional investment on training and employing from within our staff, their families and the local community and thereby creating better opportunities and growth for the community around us.